Freelance Writing

As a freelance writer, my job is to deliver the content that puts your mission into words. I’m helping companies open their arms to online customers by creating website content that brings value to the users.

Optimized for search engines and written with passion, my articles and blog posts have found their place on many companies’ websites. Here’s some of the clients I had the pleasure to work with.

Youth Time Magazine

Culture, politics, psychology – I’ve covered some lofty subjects for Youth Time Magazine, an online newspaper for young entrepreneurs and savvy youths.

Goodlife Engineering

Goodlife Engineering

With Goodlife Engineering, our professional relationship was extraordinarily prolific. Product reviews, blog posts, ultimate guides – I’ve contributed to the company’s mission to help people create good lives for themselves.

iGeneration Youth

iGeneration Youth

As a freelance journalist, I have the honour to be among other prospective writers in iGeneration Youth – a monthly magazine from Pittsburgh, PA. With others young voices, I cover unique stories for the US readership.



ClassRx help students of all ages master the STEM field sciences through online learning. On their blog, I covered education-related topics.

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Becoming a professional is about learning. With each article, experience, or course, I broaden my horizons and deepen my knowledge.

Certificate of English Proficiency by Cambridge Assessment

Grade A from Cambridge Assessment speaks for itself.

Copywriting Course with Len Smith

Copywriting is an art that takes practice.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google

A certification from Google on the art of marketing your content and products on the web.

Complete SEO Course with Peter Kent

Search Engine Optimisation is a modern writer’s crucial skill.

Dave is the best and most professional writer I have ever met in my job as a recruiter. No one I know writes the texts in such a sophisticated and rich English language as he does.

— Goodlife Engineering

David’s writing and research skills are truly phenomenal. He is a highly focussed and analytical person and writes a well-researched in-depth content. I’m sure he will be a great asset to any team he joins.

— ClassRx

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