No sensation and no feeling is as human, natural, and authentic as letting the emotions loose and crying alone in a park, in a room, on the floor.

Based on my original script, Crimson is a story about mourning, grief, and pain. A short film with the same title coming end 2020.

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Cover of Dawid Tysowski's short story, Intercession

After the fire has fallen from the skies, and the four riders divided the world, he knew it was the Apocalypse.

He had asked the Spirit for help to spread the Truth, but now he’s lost his faith. Intercession tells the story of pope Evaristus II’s last sermon, set in a post-apocalyptic world of misery, gore, and death.

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Cover of Dawid Tysowski's short story, Lie, My Boy

Lie, My Boy is the first short story I’ve ever written. Finished in 2019, I showed it to a few of my friends under the title Sunday Night Megalomania.

Edited and expanded, Lie, My Boy tells the story of Adam Turner, a compulsive liar who struggles with to find his place in this world. On his journey, he will find love, hate, and a dead cat.

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