3 hateful poems


one hit to rule them all
trainspotted veins of Sauron
towering erection over spoiled lands
semen spurts over my hands

bloody wars of American patriots
coughing away capital’s contagion
kill me, friend, my death at last
humans - the condemned caste

brutes berserk in basement bouts
pills to make the pleasures last
fast be the night’s explosion
ships deliver bodies on shore

hateful punks in leather and lead
cut your cock off, that’s the trend
dreamy eyes lest consciousness
gets back reason’s brain-harness

stroke me as our chests collide
bring the moments most sublime
hold me if I get the fright
bright the sun in eyes at time

cry the soul out, keyboard’s jazz
drowning on my head me pats
pendrived emotions on sand
flashes of encounter grand

blush on blush and reddened lips
journal writings under bed
here comes the apocalypse
life’s circular yin-yang thread

misty morning, coffee and cig
live to love, that’s the trick
live to die, escape me not
break my heart and do not stop

weary weirdo wearing drag
normie student cries at nights
revolution, beaten tracks
one more pill to stand our fights


advertisements with advice
2D boobies shall suffice
music everybody likes
ball-eyed people come and dance

let me scream in night’s dark dream
parents sleeping, early birds
on my face your salty cream
drunkard light on belly sheds

holes in holes in holes in holes
celebrity Mount Rushmores
moralising snowflake lot
gimme breaks and take a walk

ugly paintings for the sake
of creating one’s own stake
break and broken, hours small
pity in the eyes of old

black nails on black fingerboard
sad blues punk heartwarming folk
will there ever be a place
among their exalted grace?

I wanted my howl too
and you and you and you and you
peace again and let me live
get back to yer filthy crib

never said that I would stay
what expect you me to say?
pack my rucksack and fuck off
I won’t suck your dirty cock

writing for myself, no others
no one reads this so no bother
no one pay attention will
but I shall be writing still


breathe in
breathe out
breathe in suck in kiss in living
     the dream

stop the spread drink beer sniff coke
new vision new order new new new
     absurd killed me woohoo

i killed myself
suicide note
i’m leaving
     not just yet

why can’t we just fuck?
what is stopping us?
     trust truth relative
          thus irrelevant

nihilistic alone angry
anger hate love
     doesn’t matter to me

I don’t care about them calling me fag
or doors of perception
     for a night
     five to twelve hours
just forget I’m alive
then count days till next Friday
     to do it again
     till retirement


books piss me off
cold piss me off
dog piss me off
snow piss me off
notification piss me off
fantasy piss me off
you piss me off
piss piss me off
     bloody kidney stones and stones in the heart

god that hedonic junkie
would say leave me alone but you were never really here

and my mum still thinks you’re that all-loving grandpa
     after what you’ve done to Jews
     i don’t care they were Jews
          but they were people above all
     so maybe that’s why you hated them so much

leave the door open it’s bloody cold! in here
music drill my brains out and for good

i don’t appreciate your advice
i’m not a good employee
i’m not decent
     i’m not

Published by Dawid Tysowski


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