The United States Is Moloch

The United States is Moloch
The Jesus Christ of democracy and free market is greedy,   corrupt, & sick to the gut
There is no other way but the system
The system is our sacred destiny
     God and Margaret Thatcher support the system
The system will solve every problem
The system says choose between two old men
     Candidates for cattle, leaders of the magnificent West
     Foes of Chinese and North Korean regimes of the mind
     Friends of capitalist and consumerist regimes of the heart
     Winner-elect is he who spends more money on ads and fireworks
Fortes fortuna iuvat; system favours the ruthless
     Law helps teflon concerns give people cancer
     Economic necessity kills the planet
     Left and right jump at each other’s throats
          “They’re crazy!
          “They don’t know what they’re talking about!
          “They want to destroy America!”
     - said who?
          & who is America?

Is America sweatshops in Asia or the 13th amendment?
Is America patriotism or diversity?
Is America a donkey or an elephant?
Is America God or Satan?
Is America the land of the free or ICE?
Is America a tobacco-murderer or War on Drugs?
Is America open top universities or pay-to-get-in elitists?
Is America a red- or white-haired old man?
Is America a female or the Founding Fathers?
Is America respecting tradition or stuck in one place?
Is America empowerment or Coca-Cola?
Is America Medicare or cheeseburgers?
Is America American or indigenous or even human?
Is America Kerouac or KKK?
Is America charity or Bill Gates’ payroll?
Is America one God but which one?
Is America revolution or a man shot in the neck?
Is America war in the Middle East or peace in Kansas?
Is America all we got for aliens to offer?
Is America woke Hollywood of virtue-signalling millionaires?
Is America a nuke or NATO?
     We’re all American and shame on us
     We created America and put it on pinnacles
     We love Elon Musk and Billie Eilish
     We love adverts and Facebook
     We love explosive cinema and WWE
     We are guilty of this crime and atonement is nigh

Upside-down flag of a fallen state
Rotten hearts craving power
Dilapidated bodies of artists away in emmigration
Internet gurus make money teaching you how to make money
     Oh, sweet money money money money money money money money
     You must love money
          Manifest your American dreams
          Have a family
          Take responsibility y’all idealist kids
               And pay your taxes like atta boys
               And make then buy - the only circle of life
               And watch Netflix to disintegrate into a mere memory of existence
               And rot on your couch fill your belly with sugar Kool-Aid
                    Cyanide long outta fashion, improfitable
               And work overtime to have more time
          Then die and leave the eternal debt legacy

Hey kid!
     Get a grip before you criticise
     What about such grips before ruling tho?
          Sure, they’ve got
               Houses in suburbs
               Nuclear families
               Three-piece suits
               Black Mercedes SUVs
          They don’t know what’s going on
          Nobody does
               - presidents ministers all that lot -
          Like priests thinking they can get to know God from books
               Whilst a word of doubt
               Is the devil speaking thru yer mouth filthy infidel

These words ain’t profound
They’re just like they sound
No appendix catch-22 loophole
     All this bullshit a loophole
     We know nothing
     We are nothing
     They know just enough to incite antagonism
          Keep all as it is just pretend to respect revolutionize amend
          I hope not

Empire whose only merit
     Is that it’s not China or Russia
Plagued by depression dyslexia obesity
     Saving the world but cannot save itself
Empires rise and fall and so you came, will go
     Gagging on your vomit you still ask for more
     America, you will die alone
     No priests see to your grave
     No sunbeams on the tombstone
          I will spit on your grave
          In your blood bathe
     For you got what you deserve

Published by Dawid Tysowski


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