Best Meditation Videos for Beginners

If you’re new to meditation, seek no more.

Two months of mindfulness improved my ability to focus and gave me peace of mind. For beginners, there’s an easy way to get started – YouTube videos.

Although I like to practice mindfulness without any disturbance at all, I sometimes turn to YouTube in search of guided sessions or other alternative methods. We all think (I assume), yet we think in different ways. We’re but collections of experiences, like the people we met, or the books we read (if you don’t know where to begin, see this list of best self-development books for Gen Zers). Information processing varies and thought recollection is quite diverse across mankind.

With a plethora of meditation schools and habits, you can be sure to find something that will suit you. Whether you need a soothing voice or a subtle bell, the internet has got you covered. As Gen Zers, we no longer need to ask monks for spiritual advice. Use your digital skills like a native and find answers on YouTube!

Oh, you haven’t even got time to research, do you? You can use this list if you please – and save those five seconds of typing for another time.

Waking Up with Sam Harris

If you’ve never heard about Sam Harris, he’s a contemporary author, both writing about and carrying out research on neuroscience and spirituality. He’s published a few books, you’ll find him in plenty of YouTube videos, and you can check out his podcast – Making Sense.

Sam is an avid supporter of meditation (along with psychedelics). For mindfulness newbies, he made a guided meditation video. His voice leads you through the experience of living now, in the present.

Oftentimes we forget to appreciate the ordinary things. Close your eyes, and be in this moment.

Be now.


Oh yes, this one sounds exotic. Don’t worry though – there are no spirits or mantras required.

This type of meditation is the one I turn to most often, and I recommend it to each and every Gen Zer. Why?

Practising Vipassanā is not about any belief, religion, or value. You don’t need to be familiar with any philosophy, nor identify yourself with any cult.

Focus on your breath and try to be in the moment. Don’t let your mind slip away and get lost in the convoluted corridors of thought. If you manage to pay undivided attention to your breath, you’ll find it easier to focus on other tasks.

6 Phase Meditation

Made by the founder of Mindvalley. The narrator, Vishen Lakhiani, is a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. Mindvalley’s focused on helping you design your life, become a go-getter and give you the feeling of personal progress in your life.

The six-phase meditation leads you through your imagination to project your perfect future.

Meditation with Vishen is set around the six areas of human life, including peace, gratitude, vision, and love.

Loveful Meditation

You’ve probably never heard of loveful meditation – I made it up. My vision of this type of meditation is based on a song – Sri Argala Stotram/Show Me Love by Krishna Das.

If you follow my blog, this may ring a bell. In one of my recent posts, I’ve mentioned this song as a feel-good tune for mental breakdowns.

Sri Argala Stotram/Show Me Love is no guided meditation or any traditional meditation practice. Krishna Das is but a contemporary vocalist from the US, known for his chanting music that brings about the images of India.

This meditation is partly my invention. Krishna Das promotes some kind of chanting practices, yet what I do is much more down-to-earth. I call it loveful meditation.

Close your eyes, listen to this beautiful song and try to think about all the good things. Think about that summer trip with your friends. Think about the smiling face of your mum. Think about your capacity to love, to show affection. Remain peaceful and feel the warmth inside you.

As a matter of fact, you can use any song that gives you this feeling of happiness and love. Still, I recommend this song – it has something extraordinary to it.

In these strange times, surrounded by doubtful news and a pandemic, we need a whole new perspective on spirituality and meditation. Without leaving off for India, begin the journey within on YouTube.

In the ever-pacing world, try to find time to nourish your brain – read, meditate, go for a walk. Your wallet can wait.

Published by Dawid Tysowski


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