9 Post-Pandemic Habits

Working or studying remotely may seem to be the dream solution to your problems. In a way, you become your own boss, master of your time.

As summer’s already here, the lockdowns are gradually going to be lifted. Our economy will be refrozen, along with our lives.

During quarantine, it might have been tough for you to stay motivated. Lazy mornings, followed by late breakfasts, only to do some work on your laptop while wearing pajamas. It may sound like the ultimate lifestyle, but let’s be real: it’s boring!

If you want to pursue your dreams and inspire others, you can’t stay at home doing nothing! If the last weeks were but a reset for you, it’s high time you gained momentum again. Here’s 9 everyday habits to take up once the pandemic is over (at least for the time being).

1. Set yourself a schedule

You might have found it difficult to stick to your resolutions during isolation. The “snooze button” seemed like a good choice more than once. Times of sleeping in, watching Netflix, and scrolling through social media should be over.

In the evening, make yourself a plan of the next day – how would you want it to look like, what do you need to do? Something as easy as outlining a few goals will do. That way, your days won’t slip away between your fingers. 

2. Don’t be too harsh on yourself

Of course, don’t be a tyrant to yourself! Set a schedule for the day, but keep it reasonable. Make it challenging, yet possible to complete. You want to tick each box from that to-do list.

Avoid overestimated expectations. They will only get you down, make you feel bad with yourself. Treat yourself like you’d treat your kid, or a friend. Make your days meaningful, yet don’t turn them into nightmares. Those are the wrong kind of dreams!

3. Go outside

Going on walks and exercising was the Holy Grail of isolation. In some countries, even being in the forest was forbidden for the time being. Within the four falls, we started to appreciate fresh air.

If you can, put on your coat and go for a meeting with nature. In parks and forest, whether you’re alone or with company, you deliver some healthy fuel straight to your lungs. At the same time, you’re taking a break from the digital world. Give your eyes a rest, they need it.

4. Exercise

Once you’re outside, there’s plenty you can do. Nowadays, it’s crucial to stay healthy and fit. Your immunological system needs exercise to effectively repel bacteria and viruses.

Besides, exercising has more benefits. Among others, you have more energy, which you can later spend doing the things you love. Be it jogging, yoga, or crossfit – the choice is yours.

5. Read more

With significantly more free time, some of us took the advantage of spring weather. Carefree, you could kick your feet up in your backyard with a good piece of literature in your hands. The sun shining from the above, few or no people walking the street to distort your peace of mind.

Still haven’t gotten yourself to reading? Then do it now. What books do to your mind is better than any substance out there (yes, they’re even better than wine). They show you different perspectives, teach you to be self-critical and articulate (in contrast to alcohol).

Really, I could ramble on about the benefits of reading for ages. Just start doing that and see for yourself – you’ll thank me later. 

6. Call your friends and family

Without a shadow of doubt, humans are social animals. We desperately need our friends and family to thrive in life. Cut away from the society, a void started to conjure up inside us. That craving to connect made itself shown.

I assume you called your parents a couple times to check if they’re alright. Maybe you had a party with your distant relatives on video chat. Anyways, you showed that you care. There was love inside you that you wanted to share – and you did.

Keep doing that! When the pandemic is over, we will still need affection and kindness. This new habit doesn’t have any expiration date on it, so reach out. Once you get it, don’t ever let it go.

7. Take up a hobby

Lots of time, little to do.

You might have experienced that during quarantine. Maybe it wasn’t a bad thing? Such moments of boredom can trigger you to take up new hobbies. Programming, writing, graphic design? Find something new, something that excites you.

From my experience I can tell you, music is a fun thing to do. Grab that dusty instrument from your attic and start playing!

8. Stay minimal

How many times did you go through your closet? I bet you found clothes that you no longer wear. What about that ugly sweater your aunt gave you last Christmas?

It might be a good moment to sell them, or give them to charity. But remember – don’t buy stuff in their place! Oppose your consumerist desires and before you make your next purchase – think twice!

9. Listen to podcasts

Should books and yoga not be enough, there’s one more way to learn new things. Podcasts are gaining popularity because of their accessibility – you can listen while driving, jogging, or cooking. 

Podcasts are not only entertaining, but also educational. Their creators deliver fun facts in an approachable way. You can listen to ideas on your commute (once you can commute, of course).


If you lost track of your goal in these strange times, it’s time to get back to work. Some habits you developed may actually do you good.

Pick out the meaningful habits (maybe there’s more of them than 9) and cultivate them. Do these things every day, and see yourself grow.

Get yourself together and get back on it. Ready to roll?

Published by Dawid Tysowski


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