What Is Generation Z?

What is Generation Z?

Being part of Generation Z is not about being born in a certain age range. There’s much more to it than memes and social media.

X, Y, Z… and here we are – the end of the alphabet, but the beginning of a brand-new era. Surrounded by technology, with no memory of the world without smartphones, Gen Zers are the next-level entrepreneurs and creatives.

In the diverse community of our worldwide village, with immediate access to any piece of information imaginable, what defines Generation Z is something more than a few characteristics.

I’m a Gen Zer myself, and believe me – it’s complicated. I know there’s millions of researchers out there, trying to figure out what’s to come. Company CEOs are on the edge of their seats, trying to get the digital natives to buy their products.

That isn’t important. For the masses of teenagers and young adults living in the world of Wi-Fi, it matters to understand yourself. Find the truth within yourself.

I’ve browsed through news reports, analytics, and Instagram. People search for memes (how original) and ages. Whatever makes you laugh, whenever you were born – you mean more than that.

The Realness

Generation Z are slowly but surely stepping into the job market. It means that teenagers, known for mood swings and multitasking, are becoming adults. Those are unstable times in everyone’s lives.

At this moment you begin searching for meaning, something deeper than everything else. Apart from scrolling social media feed, you’re likely to reach out for more ambitious content. Long YouTube videos and podcasts make you think.

How can you show the world who you truly are?

How to deliver your unique message?

Should you go to university, or rather take the plunge and pursue a different path?

What does it take to find meaning?

Do turtles have tails? 

Generation Z is about the truth. To find it, look within. Keep looking, but don’t rush it.


Our entire culture has moved online. The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this process. No matter how old you, whether you’re a Gen Zer or not, this is the end of the world as we know it.

The end of our alphabet.

What are the characteristics of a generation growing up with mobiles? The digital natives, like you and I, go deeper than memes and nihilistic humour. Beyond social media.

Want it or not, you live in an interconnected world. The most diverse community that has ever existed. Unlimited access to information undermines the importance of schools. Their role is likely to change, as the YouTube University and online courses offer a wider range of opportunities.

Let’s be realistic, it had to end somewhere.

There is no future for the classroom, when you can learn SEO, watch a TED talk, and eat your cereal, while staying at home, all at once. That’s multitasking next-level shit.

And that’s Generation Z.

So, what are Gen Zers?

As mentioned above, this diverse group of individuals, each seeking their unique truth, is… complicated. Age range, humour, some kind of aesthetic – there are myriad ways trying to categorize Generation Z.

But hey, do digital natives really need a label?

Sure, there are a few words associated with us – mobile, meme, smart, social…

Go on multitasking as much as you want. Take a gap year, maybe two if you wish. Don’t let anybody tell you what’s the truth, because Generation Z is the future truth.

You are the future truth.

Published by Dawid Tysowski


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