How to Use the Internet

We live in scary times. Not because of climate change or terrorism. Not because of the pandemic or your girlfriend’s dad. The real threat isn’t as obvious (and as hairy).

Let’s look at the world in a new way.

Don’t be afraid of mischievous pharmaceutical companies, plotting behind your back to scrounge some more of your money. Such thinking is clearly paranoid and won’t get us anywhere, this sheet of self-imposed madness.

Dishonest businessmen aren’t going to harm us. In the entrepreneurial community, greed isn’t the main motor for action. Perhaps both you and I are going to join that growing network of prosperous women and ready-for-action men. And that doesn’t mean we’re insincere.

Don’t worry about overpopulation. Okay, there’s never been more people on Earth, resources are finite, blah, blah. According to the UN’s predictions, it’s not as bad as we often think it is. The trend to have fewer children along with steady economic growth have got you covered.

The world isn’t perfect and there’s a lot of place for improvement. But guess what – it’s never been better! We’re doing well facing these issues, these threats. They seem insurmountable, but have faith in humanity. We’ll be alright.

Still, there’s one thing that distresses and excites me at the same time.

I’m afraid of the internet.

Don’t mistake the internet for technology, though. Tech’s good, tech’s fun!

Technology gave us dishwashers that led to a cultural revolution some hundred years ago. Now we’ve got e-book readers, so that you don’t have to carry that 800-page Stephen King novel around with you. We’ve even got laptops, so that we can write blogs on their keyboards.

It’s fun, and it’s easy.

Tech made blogging possible. Otherwise, I’d have to use ink and paper, which I suppose wouldn’t be too convenient. What’s so scary about the internet then?

Like, what the hell is it!?

Since you’ve come this far reading this text, I assume you more or less know how to navigate through the web.

Search engines, social media, video chats. Just a few clicks – easy, right?

It’s not that simple. Or, not as simple as we’d like it to be. Despite its being part of our everyday lives, no one can be sure what the internet is.

There’s no instructions on how to use it, you’ve probably figured it all out on your own. To get to know your way around, you can try tips, strategies, or even blogs (yikes) that teach you the ropes.

Those web-guides can get you on the right track, so don’t become adverse to their advice. You can use them but, sooner or later, it’s about originality.

Following their advice may turn out to be exactly what you’ve been missing the whole time. The ultimate strategy, the key to success. You’ll learn that content from some platforms is inappropriate elsewhere. Maybe even cringeworthy (boy, do I hate this word). You can master the etiquette of social media and become a marketing guru.

Yet, sooner or later, it’s about originality. Bruce Lee knew the drill:

Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.

Remember, how I said that in some ways we’re all different, and in others we’re indiscernible? Think about it this way:

There are certain frames and categories and what you do will always fit into one or the other. But what you put into that frame, that’s up to you.

Your content is unique.

The digital revolution has changed the way you store information, socialize, and educate yourself. Instead of going to university, you can watch full lectures online. You can talk to your friends at any time, anywhere. Not even a generation ago, the internet was a novelty. Now, it’s but reality, almost palpable. You’ve got nowhere to hide from it, so don’t even try.

What opportunities does this scary monster bring to the game?

Even today, staying at home, you can make a brand out of yourself. Whatever you’re passionate about, whatever you love – do it, and share it. Find that inner spark of yours and embrace it.

Create and make something of your own.

Don’t be afraid of hateful comments or VPNs (and hundreds of other weird abbreviations). This worldwide web is going to accompany you for the rest of your life, so why not make it a friend of yours? Go with the flow, not against the current (unless it’s a salmon run and I seriously doubt you’re a part of it).

You don’t need high credit rating to launch your business. Stop looking for partners and co-workers, you are your strongest ally. Wealthy investors have become a thing of the past too: Wi-Fi’s cheaper than strawberries, so there’s no use of subsidies.

Is your success guaranteed?

Hard to tell. Everything is hard to tell, frankly. But maybe, just maybe, you are what the world really needs now. With that being the case, I tell you: go for it.

You might be shy and you might be afraid, and that’s alright. Without taking any risk, however, how can you strive for the top?

Do the things you’re scared to do.

Be you. And then put it on the internet.

Published by Dawid Tysowski


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